Inextricably intertwined with the very fashionable concept of open justice is the question of whether contempt of court, ex facie curiae, shall now become abrogated by disuse. It has, after all, been held (by the Constitutional Court no less), that freedom of expression presupposes the right by the public to evaluate and criticise our justice system and our courts.

2015/12/08 - 00:00

I AM in unapologetic disagreement with the judges of the Supreme Court of Appeal in the matter of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the acting national director of public prosecutions. The court ruled that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) must produce the record of its 2009 decision to suspend criminal charges against President Jacob Zuma.

2015/12/08 - 21:28


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2015/12/13 - 21:29

Following the appointment of a new NPA boss, ANN7 has a discussion with Brenda Waddle on the prospects that Abrahams brings to the table moving forward with the NPA

2015/12/08 - 00:00
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Brenda Wardle is a South African. Her mom is Xhosa from the Amakwayi clan and her father is of Geordie descent, with her father’s paternal grandfather, John Wardle, being from Newcastle Upon Tyne. She is Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law (Pty) Ltd.